Omega Tau Rho

The award, and its origins.

At its meeting of May 11, 1950, the Executive Committee of the National Association of REALTORS® decided to explore the possibility of establishing "a special Association for past officers only, along the lines of a Fraternity." The founding banquet of Omega Tau Rho was held on November 12, 1950, during the Miami Convention. Two hundred fifty members were accepted into membership at this banquet. There are now approximately 4,000 members.

Membership in this honorary fraternity is represented by the Medallion of Service which symbolizes the recognition and appreciation accorded inductees for their contributions to the National Association of REALTORS®, its affiliated Institutes, Societies and Councils.

Medallions are awarded to those nominated who have honorably completed their term of office as: 1) an officer or director of the National Association of REALTORS®, including members of the Executive Committee; 2) an officer of any Institute, Society or Council, or a governor or director thereof; or 3) a president of a State Association.

Membership in Omega Tau Rho opened in 1972 to REALTORS® of the Year of the State Associations, in 1977 to REALTORS® Emeriti of the National Association, and in 1978 to  Executive Officers of local Boards and State Associations with 10 years of service. Individuals  who have made outstanding contributions to the real estate profession but who are not eligible under the qualifications just listed may be named honorary members by the Board of Directors of the National Association.

The Omega Tau Rho Medallion of Honor elegantly captures the esteem in which inductees in this honorary fraternity are held by fellow REALTORS®. The medallion is two-inches in diameter and is made of solid brass with an antique gold finish in embossed hand relief.

Once a medallion is awarded, the recipient is a member of the fraternity for life and does not receive the award again.